Innovative Financing

We support innovative financing for the Sustainable Development Goals. As part of this commitment we have provided bitcoin funding to support The Bitcoin Water Trust. The trust is a mechanism through which individuals and organisations can donate crypto-currency to an exponential growth fund that won’t be released until 2025.

By doing so the trust increases the real world impacts that can be made by a single donation without the donation size itself increasing. It is estimated that if the fund was released today 96,633 people could be provided with clean drinking water. A number that will only grow by 2025 assuming the fund increases in value.

The value of the fund can be tracked in realtime and has already received contributions from nearly 300 donors. Given the increasingly popularity of bitcoin as a currency it is expected that these numbers will only increase.

The fund will be released on January 1 2025.

You can learn more about The Bitcoin Water Trust here.

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