Our Work

Young Women in Sustainable Development was founded to ensure the voices of young women are heard in sustainable development and to empower these women to take action on a community, national and international level on the global goals. We achieve our mission in the following ways:

Empower young women to take action

Through our programs we build the capacity of young women to take action in support of sustainable development. Proving opportunities for them to grow their skills and learn from peers.

Advocate on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a provide a space for young women to support advocacy

We advocate tirelessly on the SDG’s and issues facing young women as they seek to contribute to creating a inclusive, sustainable future. Young women have a unique perspective on sustainable development and we amplify these voices and issues to ensure full participation of young women in sustainable development and that their unique perspectives are heard.

Input on policy

We believe that strong development outcomes are based on effective, inclusive policies towards sustainable development. As such we advocate with governments at all levels to ensure policy takes into account the unique perspectives of young women on issues facing them and the wider world.

Support solutions

Young women are at the forefront of innovation to solve the most pressing development issues. We support projects providing solutions to sustainable development challenges from the grassroots phase.

Provide a network for young women interested in sustainable development

Supporting each other in our work towards a sustainable, inclusive future is key to ensure that we work across intersectional issues and target sustainable development challenges from multiple sides. We provide multiple opportunities through volunteering, events and social media to connect with other young women seeking to make a positive change in the world.

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