Workshop Series

We’re committed to supporting young women regardless of where they are in their sustainable development journey. Whether you’ve been working in the space for a while or are new to the area our workshops have got you covered.

Each session is aimed at providing you with the skills and confidence you need to take action whether it be on a community, national or international level. Take a look at our upcoming programs below and email to register.

Programs Workshop 26 April 7:00pm AEST Virtual

Specifically designed for young women looking to start new programs to generate positive positive impact in the world this workshop will cover all the essentials you need to know to get your program up and running. We’ll cover designing programs for maximum impact, securing seed funding, implementation, working with stakeholders and monitoring.

Advocacy Workshop 21 May 7:30pm AEST Virtual

Whatever your area of interest this workshop will equip you with the skills you need to effectively advocate on the topic. You’ll learn the basics of social media campaigning, advocacy strategy, effective negotiation, content design and impact reporting.

Policy Workshop 30th June 8:00pm AEST Virtual

If you’re interested in the policy side of sustainable development this workshop is ideal for you. We’ll cover the history of sustainable development policy with a particular focus on policies that affect youth including the Youth2030 strategy. You’ll learn how to translate policy to real-world impacts, make a policy submission, find opportunities to consult on youth-related policy, break down complex policies into easily understandable messages and provide input on policy in other ways.

Supporting Solutions Workshop 17 July 8:30pm AEST Virtual

This workshop will cover how you can support innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Young women are the forefront of this space and supporting them is crucial if we are to see the acceleration of progress the world so desperately needs. This workshop will teach you ways to support these projects through fundraising, mentorship, events, partnerships and joint programmes.

Connection Workshop 5 August 6:30pm AEST Virtual

Providing a network for those interested in the topic area you work in is essential in ensuring the greatest possible change for good. In this workshop we’ll look at how to mobilise your community, facilitate meaningful connections for a cause, support those working on projects with you, connect with new audiences and grow your team.

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